It's appropriate to say that Ancient Rome and Greece were the Meccas of an entertainment. And obviously, the love for board games was not distinguished. Ancient Romans and Greeks enjoyed a wide variety of plays, including Tesserae, Latrunculi and many more.

But despite the outstanding universality, we claim that the best board games associated with these antiquity cities are these

1. Latrunculi

As mentioned, Latrunculi (also called “latrones”) was one of the most popular board games played throughout the golden age of the Roman Empire.

It's an exciting game for two games' lovers that appreciate the classics and a bit of fierceness. Not only this game has long-lived history, rich culture within and resembles original chess and draughts, but it also provides perfect opportunity to win... a war.

Interesting fact: Game is generally accepted to be a game of military tactics.

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2. Terni Lapilli

Some believe Terni Lapilli to be predecessor of Tic-tac-toe as we know it today. Well, and if it's not... At least they share a lot of similarities (as well as some differences).

Terni Lapilli is a game for quick-minded people, who enjoy straightforward and precise, yet fun plays.

Interesting fact: Game's name “Terni Lapilli” means “three little stones”.

3. Calculi-Ludus Calculorum

Calculi-Ludus Calculorum – “the game of stones” is a thrilling strategy play that provides a healthy amount of challenge to the players. Worth to note, sometimes referred to as the Roman checkers.

Who adores Calculi? Game is preferred by sharp-minded people, who want to have an ideal mix of exciting fun and intellectual board ride.

Interesting fact: It's believed that in the Ancient Rome this game had a strong association with math science.


4. Tabla Lusoria

Simple and relaxing – is the best way to describe a “tablet for games”, which is perfectly known by the Tabla Lusoria title.

It's the game for those, who prefer plays with no fuss. Easy, comfortable and quick. And it can also be played with the smallest ones in the family.

Fun fact: Some gamers say, it's the simplest and the weirdest board game in the entire world.

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5. Petteia

Petteia (meaning – Polis, City, Pessoi, etc.) is a competitive Ancient Greek game that bears a strong resemblance to the Japanese game Hasami Shogi, and as well shares similarities with the Egyptian game Siga (or Seega).

Game loved by the Ancient Greeks, nowadays is most suitable for players, who appreciate a fair fight. It's driven, goal-oriented and requires sharp mind.

Interesting: Aristotle, tutor to Alexander The Great, once wrote “a citizen without a state may be compared to an isolated piece in a game of Petteia”.

How many of these games have you played?

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