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The Legend

Legend has it that the Glass Bead Game is an intellectual play that broadens imagination limits and inspires astonishing ideas. Games represent the knowledge of the ages – music, mathematics, literature, and much more – into cultural values.

The best board games have always been created from an idea that grew into something bigger. The Bead Game Box is something that puts your mind into a creative mode that expands your view on different aspects of life. Games can be played with family, games can be played with kids, games are created by breaking the rules, the only limit is your mind, but our collective intelligence has no limits. Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein.

With all we know now, the Glass Bead Game still remains a mythical subject. We believe that with the power of all of our creativity we can Discover The Legend Together.

"Word and idea are not born of scientific or logical thinking but of creative language, which means of innumerable languages"[Homo Ludens or "Man the Player" (1938) by Johan Huizingas]

Glass Beads

How it works

6 X 6 GRID

The Game’s technique stimulates visual thinking and logics enabling you to create endless combinations of rules and game mechanics.

Playing around with the beads creates an effect of freedom for imagination. The creative mind is unleashed and ready to go beyond experienced interpretations. Each player is able to become the Creator.

Use the companion App & see ways how game is played or share rules you have come up with.


Kids & learning Watch video

Playful learning is natural for KIDS. It’s a fact. Adding a layer of playfulness to any subject of learning allow individuals to interact with information, instead of passively absorbing it. Be it a particular knowledge or a skill of interpretation. In a cooperative board game, players work together in order to achieve a goal. Game is useful for both parents and teachers. KIDS are creative on their own. Just let them play!

Traditional Watch video

Play and have fun with your friends. Discover classic games been played in a new manner. Like “Checkers”, “Tic-Tac-Toe”, “Ludo”, Hopper games and many more. Or try out originally designed games like “Match-Maker”, “I will”, “Flick master” or more. We encourage you to create surprising new game scenarios and share them across the world. Develop your game thinking! A game creation becomes a game in itself. Get recognized. Thinking is fun!

Business & organisation Watch video

Gamify your enterprise. Add a playfulness momentum to your everyday business agenda. Use dynamic environment and the elements of a game to plan your projects, carry out business analysis, assess your brand attributes, strategic advantages or discover visions of the future. Make better decisions! Generate fun of a board game play while relaxing before your next big challenge.

Psychology Watch video

Explore and develop traits of your personality with methods of gamified psychological introspection. Play alone, in pairs or groups. Take a study of mind and behavior. Evoke conversations, find insights and improve attitudes. By adding playfulness to serious topics of our everyday life many of personal and interpersonal challenges can be solved. There is a far going and breath taking potential to be opened together.


Hands-on experience

As the inspiration of The Glass Bead game is infinite, we invite you to have a hands-on-experience of the ways of play been discovered so far. There are classic and originally designed games. There are edutainment games for kids. Gamified tools for businesses and organisations. We got a number of game review prototypes ready to be released across the world. We believe the senses aroused by the touch and fun are the best to spread the word.

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